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When you’re buying tech for your business, we won’t be beaten on price.
How to request a business price match: 
We promise to match the competitor’s price available when you contact us. To request a price match, we need your purchase copy, quotation, or any relevant offers.

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Apple Watch Series

Welcome to the Future of Timekeeping: Explore Our Smartwatch Collection. Stay Connected, Stay Stylish, Stay In Control. Elevate Your Lifestyle with Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Wrist.
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Swee-Dee Ho

T800 Ultra

"I recently purchased the T800 Ultra smartwatch from Chinfu Fusion, and I couldn't be happier! Its sleek design caught my eye, and it hasn't disappointed in functionality. The display is crisp, and the touch response is smooth. I'm impressed by its fitness tracking accuracy and the variety of workout modes available. Battery life is excellent, lasting me through busy days without needing frequent recharges. Overall, a fantastic purchase that exceeded my expectations!"

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He Ruidi


"The EW99 smartwatch from Chinfu Fusion has its ups and downs. While the design is stylish and the touch screen is responsive, I've encountered some issues with accuracy in fitness tracking. The battery life is decent, lasting a full day with moderate use. However, I've noticed occasional connectivity issues with my phone, which can be frustrating. Overall, it's a decent option for the price, but improvements in performance would make it a stronger contender in the market."


You deserve to be happy, even if it means letting go of what you once had.

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